KM PACKAGING GmbH – we combine innovation with tradition. As a manufacturer of high-quality closure solutions, we take responsibility by acting ecologically and by redefining manufacturing standards.

The future is important to us

Profound know-how for CONSEQUENT sustainability.

KM PACKAGING GmbH – we combine innovation with tradition. As a manufacturer of high-quality closure solutions, we take responsibility by acting ecologically and redefine manufacturing standards. To live up to this claim, we focus on achieving the greatest possible weight reduction in our products and ensuring the highest quality.

Reducing waste, conserving resources, cutting CO2 emissions and finding the way to an environmentally conscious tomorrow – the weight reduction of our products offers numerous advantages. Our production processes are precisely coordinated so that the end results are convincing. Close cooperation with partners and tube manufacturers is a top priority.

We know
our responsibility


Our goal is to utilize resources appropriately. By doing so, we were awarded gold by Ecovadis in the sustainability rating. We have reduced our consumption of drinking water by 28% and our wastewater by 20%. Through developing recyclable packaging, using reprocessed materials and using less raw material, we have reduced waste production by 11%.

As a member of CDP, we evaluate our environmental data on CO2 emissions and our sustainability targets every year, which are aligned with national and European targets. The results of voluntary disclosing these data in cooperation with CDP guides our continuous improvement efforts. Wherever possible, we use 100%  renewable energy from hydropower.

Our strategy.
On the way to climate neutrality


We consistently align our thoughts and actions with the ecological demands placed on all companies that want to act in an environmentally conscious and future-oriented manner. The primary goal is to become climate-neutral as quickly as possible and to use renewable raw materials wherever possible.

We pursue practical strategies that make our products even more environmentally friendly and thus more sustainable:

  • Our Tango Fliptop series is manufactured in Ø 35, 40, 50 mm and can be made of PE.

  • We offer PE closures and PP shoulders, supporting our customers with the Monotube.

  • We use PCR and bio-based materials.

  • Ocean Plastic is plastic waste collected from the oceans. Production with Ocean Plastic is already possible today.

  • Ultimately, we succeeded in reducing the wall thickness of bags and cartons, and we introduced returnable packaging. In this way, we generate less packaging waste and reduce the burden on the environment.

Product development
and independent production

REDUCED ENERGY CONSUMPTION through efficient control systems

With us, the motto “everything from a single source” takes on a new dimension: we design, we develop and produce. Our multi-layered know-how is reflected in an expertise that creates new perspectives in terms of quality and climate neutrality.

This is already evident in the production facilities that distinguish each site. We make optimum use of intelligent control systems as well as enhanced cooling and waste heat technology. Our outstanding air exchange system enables us to efficiently reduce the energy consumption of our manufacturing processes, thereby making our products significantly more climate-friendly.

EnPI: electricity, oil, gas, KM PACKAGING GmbH with SEU-KI (kWh/kg)

Lightweight for the environment

Innovative power and ecological identity

The Melody series, reduced in weight by up to 45 %, is our latest flip-top closure, which can also be produced from PCR if required. With a comprehensive concept, we have optimized our initial packaging step by step into an eco-design. As far as possible, we rely on green energy for production. Features that make up the innovative strength of the Melody series.

Our light-weight product is available in three sizes and two different versions: Melody Edge and Melody Ultra. Our exclusive options competently convey the ecological identity of the Melody line and also offer outstanding flexibility, a perfect structure with matt or high-gloss finish and an aesthetic design concept.

  • Extra and ultra light

  • Eco design with strong weight reduction of up to 45 %

  • Can be made from 100% PCR material

  • Use of 100% green energy as far as possible

Consistent sustainability

Our state-of-the-art production facilities meet our requirement for a holistic sustainability strategy and efficiently save electricity in the production of our PCR jars. The end product is a jar of exceptional technical quality.

Jars made from100 % PCR

The double-walled PCR jar is the consistently sustainable solution from our company in terms of its texture. Whether matte or glossy – the outside is made of 100 % PCR. The inner part can be made of virgin material and thus meets the “food grade” requirements.

State-of-the-art production

We own and operate some of the latest machinery available in the industry. Our extensive expertise enables us to guarantee the best possible product quality and reliability on the market. As part of our SEU (significant energy use) management strategy, we have replaced old injection moulding machines with modern hybrid and all-electric solutions, and have also insulated our injection units. To ensure environmentally friendly and sustainable production conditions, enhanced cooling and waste heat utilization systems have been integrated.

For 100 % Relliability

We ensure the efficiency of our processes through smart equipment and a comprehensive lighting concept. Our in-house tool manufacturing team enables series production to be carried out quickly and efficiently. An integrated QS system ensures the highest quality standards. In addition, every batch produced is subject to an extensive QA-check. We offer worldwide shipping, the best possible customer service and exceptionally short response times.

Innovations for the highest demands

With our high-quality closure solutions, we aim to set new standards for sustainability and quality and become the world’s leading supplier as a future oriented company. In addition to our comprehensive product range, we work closely with customers to develop individual solutions that do not compromise on design, functionality and texture.

We achieve what was previously thought impossible and design customized products at the highest level. If you have any questions, please contact our competent team: