Our focus is on the development and production of high-quality and innovative closure solutions for tubes, bottles, jars and other packaging materials.


The company was created in July 2008, when the two family companies Kutterer Kunststofftechnik and Mauer AG merged.



We focus on the development and production of high-quality and innovative cap solutions for tubes, bottles, jars and other packaging materials. We own and operate some of the latest machinery available in the industry. Our extensive expertise enables us to guarantee the best possible product quality and reliability on the market. As part of our SEU (significant energy use) management strategy, we have replaced old injection moulding machines with modern hybrid and all-electric solutions, and have also insulated our injection units. To ensure environmentally friendly and sustainable production conditions, enhanced cooling and waste heat utilization systems have been integrated.

We ensure the efficiency of our processes through smart equipment and a comprehensive lighting concept. Our in-house mould manufacturing team enables series production to be carried out quickly and efficiently. An integrated QS system ensures the highest quality standards. In addition, every batch produced is subject to an extensive QA-check. We offer worldwide shipping, the best possible customer service and exceptionally short response times.

Innovations that meet the highest demands

We aim to set new sustainability and quality standards through our premium closure solutions and to become a future-oriented, leading global supplier. In addition to our comprehensive product range, we also work closely with customers to develop individual solutions focused on design, functionality and quality. We create what has previously been thought impossible and develop custom solutions of the highest quality.

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KM PACKAGING GMBH – Sustainability
for a future worth living

We at KM Packaging GmbH take over responsibility for the protection of our environment, and we pay close attention to the ethical behavior of our employees, suppliers and customers to ensure that future generations will have a future worth living for. The use of plastics has become indispensable in our modern world. Therefore, it is even more important to focus on storage, recycling and energy-saving processes. The closures are already being optimized by their weight at the development stage in order to use as much raw material as necessary and as little as possible. Therefore, it is even more important to focus on the material recycling, and energy-saving processes.

We apply an energy management system and we are certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001. Our goal is to use all our energy requirements from regenerative sources.

As a member of the GKV, we have committed ourselves to its strict code of ethics, which also clearly reflects our social commitment to our work.

Further information about the GKV Code of Conduct



Quality assurance is especially important at KM Packaging GmbH. For this reason, we are already examining all aspects during product development in order to avoid errors in production. In addition, the entire supply chain needs to meet the highest quality requirements from raw material suppliers to the suppliers of our machines.

In our production, modern integrated QS systems ensure our high quality standards. Additionally, our quality management staff will subject each batch to a detailed manual check. Only if we are absolutely convinced of the quality, the products leave our house.

KM Packaging GmbH

In Germany and worldwide

As an international company, we have a worldwide network of partners, branches and production plants. This way, we are able to guarantee our customers short paths, best service and fastest reaction times.

KM Packaging GmbH

Administrative Headquarters, Technical Centre and Production

Bahnhofstr. 11
76698 Ubstadt-Weiher

KM Packaging GmbH

Production Kunststoffwerk Kutterer GmbH & Co.KG and Sales

76189 Karlsruhe

Produktion Kunststoffwerk Mauer

Thüringen GmbH & Co. KG

Mauerstr. 1
99869 Drei Gleichen (OT Grabsleben)

Produktion Mauer USA LLC

2400 Arbor Tech Drive
Hebron, Kentucky 41048

Produktion MAUER Sp. z o. o

68-212 Trzebiel

Produktion Mauer + Partner GmbH

Intercity-Park 3
A – 2421 Kittsee